About Our Church 

We are people from different walks of life that love Jesus. We accept you and are committed to love you because the love of Jesus compels us. We know that we are not perfect and we do not expect you to be because we are reminded everyday that His “grace is sufficient” 2 Corinthians 12:9

We are people just like you who have found a friend in Jesus. We are able to experience this love through the acceptance and fellowship in this church. We believe that our purpose in life is to glorify God by loving, helping, and leading people to a closer relationship with Jesus.

We acknowledge we do not “know it all”, but we are willing to share what we have learned from the Bible through the person of Jesus. The teachings of Jesus have changed our lives for the better and we know that the teachings of Jesus could change the whole world for the better.

We have found in Him love, grace, power to change and so much more… We pray that you can find in Him and in us the same that has changed our lives.

In short, the true question is not “Who are we?” but “Who is He?”.  He is the Lion and lamb, the Son of God and Son of man, Lord and Savior, friend and brother, Prince of Peace and wonderful Counselor… Who is He to you?

Come and join us as we get to know Him more...


508 Aquahart Rd

Glen Burnie MD 21061



T: 410-766-6650


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